Awning Cleaning Milwaukee

Awning Cleaning Milwaukee

Here is a awning cleaning job we took care of this month on a Uno Chicago grill in Milwaukee . These awnings were covered in moss and algae.
After a treating the awnings with our cleaners we let them dwell for about 30 minutes .
Then we hand scrubbed each awning rinsed with low pressure and the awnings came out great.
If you have any pressure washing or cleaning needs in the Milwaukee area feel free to give us a call.

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Awning Cleaning Milwaukee

Roof Cleaning Pewaukee WI.

Roof Cleaning Pewaukee WI

This is a roof that had black roof stains, light moss and lichens. The entire roof was cleaned with our low pressure cleaning process which removed the black algae stains and killed all other fungi on the roof.  The home owner was happy and so were we because the roof turned out excellent.

If you are interested in our low pressure roof cleaning feel free to give us a call for a free estimate.

Deck Cleaning Madison Wisconsin

Deck Cleaning & Sealing Madison WI

This deck was cleaned right off a home on Lake Mendota.

Cleaning this deck in Madison was a fun job. We enjoyed working next to the lake on a beautiful day. The deck turned out perfect., after a good low pressure cleaning we brought the deck back to its natural state.

If you are interested in any deck cleaning services in the Madison area please give us a call to set up a free estimate.



Concrete Cleaning, Madison WI.

Concrete Cleaning Madison, WI

Here is a aggregate side walk through the middle of the woods. It was deeply covered in algae . The home owner was concerned about slipping when the concrete is wet. So we cleaned the concrete with hot water and the proper chemicals to restore the the concrete . The slickness of the stone was removed. Plus the concrete looks wonderful!

Calcite cleaned from bricks on home depot.

This is one of the hardest restoration jobs we have come across . Not many contractors even consider cleaning calcite of this cailiber . But we managed to remove the calcite from the bricks


Graffiti Removal Milwaukee, Wisconsin

 Graffiti removal in Milwaukee , Wisconsin.

This is a graffiti removal job in Milwaukee ,WI. This Graffiti was tagged on a senior citizen rehab center. Some troubled human being was confused and thought they could claim this area as their own.

But the Staff at Mercy rehab decided to call us for the removal of the graffiti. Note this job took place in January on a 20 degree day .

As you can see we removed the graffiti with no problems and the wall looks great and the staff was very happy.

When it comes to graffiti removal you must get the paint off the surface as soon as possible for two reasons.

#1  . The longer the graffiti stays on the surface the tougher it is to completely remove the graffiti and restore the surface. This varies on the type of surface that was tagged.

#2. The other top reason to remove the graffiti is so other gangs do not tag over the graffiti.  This happens very often, the reason gangs use graffiti is to claim territory. This is why other gangs will spray graffiti over the old graffiti.

Either way this is something that happens every day. And the only way to solve the problem is to remove it. So if you have any questions about price or if your graffiti problem can be removed please give us a call for a free estimate.




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