Glass restoration

Glass Restoration

Have you ever had any type of scratch or damage to glass that you didn’t want to replace the glass?

With this glass restoration service we can remove scratches and many other glass imperfections. Anything from construction accidents ,acid etching and graffiti  can be removed from Glass with this service.

Glass scratch removal

This 3 step process will remove  small to deep scratches in glass by using a specialty designed grinding wheel. This glass restoration process will take a very fine layer of glass off without any distortion . The scratch removal process starts with a heavier grinding wheel all the way down to a light polishing wheel to bring the glass to its original state.

glass scratches repaired | fix scratched glass Milwaukee, Madison WI

Scratch removal. fix glass scratch glass scratches repaired Milwaukee, Madison WI

This process of  glass restoration can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We can remove 75-95% of all glass damage. If you have a question about our glass restoration service please feel free to give us a call

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