Fire place cleaning

Cleaning Fire Places .

If you have the black soot stains around your fire place, don’t worry we can remove those ugly black stains from the stone or brick.

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We use a water less cleaner that is painted on the surface as the product dries the active ingredients loosen the soot from the stone. Once the product dries we peel it off in sheets and as this happens it removes the soot. This process may have to be repeated on severely dirty surfaces. Once completed your fire place will look great.


Common questions about cleaning your fire place.

Why are the bricks turning black on the front of my fireplace?

Well there could be a few different reasons why soot is building up on your fire place. One of the most common reason we come across is the stack has not been maintained properly. It may have a heavy build up of soot that needs to be cleaned.

Another reason is too big of fires, some fire places are not built for large fires and homes owners may put a little too much wood in and not realize this. So that causes some heat and smoke to vent into the home and not out the chimney.

A partial blockage in the chimney, this could be a nest or some leaves or even an ice build up on the top of your chimney that could cause just a little bit of back and over time it will build up a black soot stain on the front of your fireplace

Will cleaning the stone on the front of my fire place make a mess?

The process we use does not involve water at all. It’s a product that is formulated to remove soot from masonry surfaces without the use of water. We will leave your home or business in perfect condition.

When cleaning the stone we tape off everything around what’s not being cleaned. Once dried the product peals off and is put in a garbage bag then disposed of properly

What happens if soot doesn’t come off our stone?

We usually will do a sample spot to prove to you what it can do. We do have a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services. So if we come out and clean the front of your fireplace and the soot does not come off you will not owe us anything. That’s our promise.fireplace cleaner milwaukee