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Masonry Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to masonry cleaning and maintenance we know the importance of how to care for your stone. There are many reasons to have a professional contractor clean and restore your home or building. When Midwest Maintenance is involved in any stone work, we do an extensive overlook of the job and what it entails. A lot of the times tuck pointing and patching is involved in stone care. These repairs are very important when it comes to the longevity of your structures soundness, so we don’t over look anything. Once repairs are made then we go to the cosmetics of the structure. The process of choosing the right solvent and cleaning method is what brings your property back to life without damaging the stone. Most structures will need caulking or some types of sealant after the structure has been restored to keep from any water penetration and further damage.

Masonry cleaning / brick cleaning

When it comes to Masonry cleaning there is a few very important steps. The first is figure out what kind of stone or masonry we are cleaning. Once the stone is identified we do our best to identify what needs to be cleaned. If the masonry has a organic substance on it chances are we can clean the stone with just hot water. But some stains like rust, pollution, or oil based substances we need to use a cleaner. But we always get a positive result. We choose the proper cleaner for the stain. When masonry cleaning you has to make sure you use the proper product or the damage can be irreversible. So when you choose a contractor to take on your masonry cleaning job make sure that they show you a sample of the desired results cause if they don’t do a test spot there is no way on figuring out if the stone will come clean.


Building maintenance

The importance of maintenance of your building or home is beyond words. If you want your structure to last it has to be properly maintained.
The main Culprit of structure deterioration is water, then the natural elements , sun, wind, freezing temperatures mixed with water is even worse.

There are parts of your building that are prone to infiltration of water, seams,flashings,joints,openings,  projections of the building. Every one of those areas needs some type of maintenance over the years to keep water from infiltrating your building.  Failure of maintenance can cost thousands in repairs and depending on what your structure is made of the price of repairs can be devastating. That’s why we provide maintenance Packages for the smallest of homes to large buildings.

Masonry Maintenance

Will start out with your masonry maintenance ,where and why your problems start. Masonry is very prone to water damage and many other natural elements . The freeze thaw cycle is what causes a lot of the damage here in the Midwest . Freeze thaw cycle causes damage by expanding joints and seams that causing water to infiltrate your building.  The freeze thaw cycle is when water freezes it expands causing failure of porous surfaces and thats when problems occur in your structure . If water finds its way into a small joint failure or seam failure in your building and a freeze thaw cycle occurs your small problem could turn big. Every year your problem will get bigger do to more water infiltration, more water the more ice the bigger the crack /gap to damage your building.

Flashing Repairs

The flashing on your building is installed to protect from water infiltration in areas such as seam’s and joints that are prone to leak which causes water damage. So if your flashing was installed poorly or the natural elements of the Midwest seasons have taken a toll on your structure, your flashings may be in need of Midwest Maintenance. Depending on what flashing you are having problems with or the severity of the problem a small patch may be enough to solve your leak or a detailed repaired is needed to keep your structure  Maintained and free of water damage.

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