Fleet Washing Wisconsin

Are you interested in learning about a fleet washing service?

We offer a full-service fleet washing while your fleet is down for the night or between shifts. We come to you while your trucks are parked to give them a detailed wash while your team is at rest.

Our Fleet cleaning service provides you with extreme value. This service can save you time and money. Let your team do its job and produce income , let us help keep your image clean . Go to www.midwestfleetwash.com for our dedicated fleet washing website.

On Site fleet washing service breakdown- We set up a time that your fleet is down to schedule. We come out to your site and wash your fleet. Copy all of your units and send a invoice. All while your regular team is at rest.

Let us Join your team and join our growing list of happy customers.

If you would like a free quote or set up a free demonstration on how clean we can get your trucks please give us a call or email.

Travis Mandli