Cedar roof Restoration, lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

This was a cedar restoration job that was done in june of 2017. 

Our crew faced a few challenges with the round design with our anchors but came out fantastic. 

This cedar roof was thoroughly cleaned to remove all algae, dirt and debris from the shakes.

Once the roof was clean and dry we returned two treat the roof with our oil base natural cedar wood preservative. This treatment helps extend the life of the shakes bye retarding algae growth and keeping the shakes water resistant.

If you are interested in having your Cedar roof restored feel free to give us a call or email. 

Thank you,
Travis Mandli


Cedar roof preservation, Greenbay Wisconsin.

This a a beautiful home on the east side of Greenbay. We did a full restoration including a detailed wash, repairs and a natural cedar presevititve. 

If you are in Greenbay and interested in having your cedar roof restored. Or any questions about cedar care.

Give us a call or email.


Graffiti Removal Milwaukee

Graffiti Removal Milwaukee

Graffiti Removal Milwaukee

This is some graffiti on the back of a dumpster pad on the southside of Milwaukee. Just graffiti was fairly old and the City gave the property owner a few days to remove it. The property owner told me that he attempted to remove it with a power washer prior but did not. We came and used or winter blend of graffiti remover Solutions applied it and removed the graffiti.

If you are in the Milwaukee area and need some graffiti removed feel free to give us a call or email.

Graffiti Removal Madison Wisconsin

Graffiti Removal Madison Wisconsin

This is a brand new park building in Monona that was tagged by some graffiti. City workers attempted to remove it but were unsuccessful. They called us to help solve the problem. We came out with our techs and applied our specialized cleaners and the graffiti was removed and the brick is restored. If you are in the Madison area looking for an estimate or need some graffiti Removal give us a call or email.

Cedar roof restoration,  Mequon WI.

Cedar Roof Restoration Mequon Wisconsin

Cedar Roof Restoration Mequon Wisconsin

Cedar roof cleaning and Restoration is one of our main services because of its importance in the life of the roof.

When cedar shakes start to grow moss and and other growths it will start to decay the roof from the constant moisture in the cedar shakes. It is important to have them cleaned and checked over every 3-5 years to stay on top of any needed Maintenance before it becomes a very expensive problem.

If you have a cedar roof and are looking for information or a free survey and estimate on what it would take to restore your roof please give me a call or email.


Roof cleaning, Kenosha Wisconsin. 

Roof cleaning, Kenosha Wisconsin

This beautiful homes was covered in Black roof algae.  We used our low pressure cleaning process to safely remove the black algae and restore the look of the roof.

Roof cleaning can be very beneficial to life of your roof. If you have a algae or moss build up it can shorten the the of your roof. If you are interested in getting your roof cleaned give us a call to get a free estimate.

Cream City brick cleaning, Milwaukee Wisconsin. 

Cream City brick cleaning, Milwaukee Wisconsin

This is a project we did on Brady St in Milwaukee.  This is a early 1900’s cream city brick building.  There was a fire of some sort then a wall went up over it to hide the damage. When the renovation began they came up with this problem. Well he called the right crew to properly handle the problem.  With it being an interior project we used our reclaim system to collect the water. This was a fun project  and the results were outstanding. You have a brick cleaning or restoration project you are interested in getting a price please give us a call for a free estimate.



Glass Scratch Repair

Glass Scratch Repair | Glass Restoration Milwaukee Wisconsin

This was a number of scratches  done by a cleaning company.  We used our glass restoration process to remove the scratches.  The customer was shocked when we removed the scratches and restored the glass back to normal.

If you need a scratch removed from you glass feel free to give us a call or email.


Tile cleaning and sealing

Tile and Grout Cleaning, Restoration and Sealing Milwaukee Wisconsin

Tile and grout Restoration. This is a indoor pool and the tile and grout was horrible.  Just twenty years of build up on it. We used our reclaim technology to clean the tile and keep all the water retained.  This was a major turn around, the homeowner was beyond happy with the results.  He hired a company to clean the tiles prior to our service.