Paint removal from a damaged cream city brick chimney

Paint removal from cream city brick.

This project was to remove paint from a damaged cream city brick chimney. Our process was a non abrasive chemical treatment to remove the paint.

Our process is the correct process If you do not want to damage your masonry with media blasting.

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Paint removal from cream city bricks, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

This is a late 1800s building that was used for a industrial use for years.

This now will be turned into a brewery on the southside of Milwaukee. The owner of the building wanted all the old paint removed without using a blasting method to damage Brick. Cream city is a very soft sand base brick and should never be media blasted.

We use the chemical stripper to emulsify the paints. Then rinse clean. Once clean we reclaim all solids before the drains and disposed of properly.

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Paint removal from cream city brick

This is a small paint removal job but it was a unique request that other contractors just couldn’t handle.

This customer wanted the paint removed without the Aged look of the brick being removed. Are unique cleaning process can remove the paint without any damage to the brick.

This paint was removed from the cream city brick along with old roofing tar to free the natural beauty of this old school house.

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Paver cleaning, Whitefish bay.

This is a paver brick patio we restored for a customer in Whitefish Bay Wisconsin. This red brick patio has never been cleaned in over 20 years. And we brought it back to life.

This patio will be sanded and sealed.

Fire place cleaning, Milwaukee

We restored this stone fire place after a fire. We were able to clean heavy soot from the stone. 

We can clean any type of stone or hard surface from fire or soot damage. If you have a fire place you need cleaned feel free to give us a call or email. 



 Pressure washing Milwaukee Wisconsin

When it comes to pressure washing stone and masonry the customers truly love the results. We pressure wash brick, stone and many other hard surfaces in the milwaukee area. Certian surfaces need different types of cleaning processes or damage can occur. We train our team in pressure washing to the highest degree so we can provide the highest quality pressure washing in a timely service.  If you have any questuon or concerns feel free to call or email us.
Travis Mandli

Travis Mandli