Cedar Restoration



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This is a cedar restoration we did in Hartland WI.  This home has cedar shake siding and shingles that we cleaned , restored and then preserved. This is one of those projects we love to do because of the extreme results that are achieved. Take a look at the restoration from start to the end. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about this restoration process.



cedar shingle cleaning

This is the very beginning of the project ,we are just installing our safety lines.

cedar shaker cleaning and restoration



cedar roof cleaning process

Here the cleaning process has begun. The roof is treated with the wood restoration solution then sprayed clean.


cedar roof cleaning

as the cleaning process moves forward the results evident that the wood is going to look GREAT!!!!


cedar cleaning

Here is a shot from the roof before the entire roof was cleaned.

cedar roof and siding cleaning and restoration

Here everything is cleaned and brightened looking great. We are making repairs to any wood that needs to be replaced and prepping for stain.

wood cleaningcedar cleaned Another picture after the cleaning and repairs.

cedar roof staining
cedar roof staining

cedar cleaning and restoration

A great picture of the home after the siding has been stained and Tyler is putting on a second coat of oil base preservative on the roof.


And here is the job complete.cedar staining, cedar restoration

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A fully restored home next to a home with no maintenance done. You tell me what looks better and I can guarantee that the maintained one will last twice as long.


If you have any question about this service or any other service we provide feel free to call for a free estimate.