Roof Cleaning in Shorewood, WI.


This is a low pressure Roof cleaning we did in Shorewood, WI. This roof cleaning was done in one afternoon with our low pressure roof cleaning service.  The customers were very happy with the results and price.  If you have a Roof with algae or moss feel free to call us for a free estimate.


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Cedar Roof Moss

This is a cedar roof we cleaned in Cudahy WI. that was covered in moss and trees . This home was getting ready to hit the market for sale.
We definitely brought curb appeal back to his home with this maintenance cleaning to his cedar roof. The algae and moss were treated then washed off and the cedar roof can now show its natural beauty.

Cedar Roof Moss and Roof Cleaning

If you have any questions about our service please feel free to call us.

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Clean those roof stains!!!!

Roof Stain Removal by Midwest Maintenance

Wow this roof was bad. This roof was cleaned in one afternoon before it went up for sale.
This is black roof algae at its worst . Don’t loose your curb appeal or years off your roofs life. This process is a affordable, effective and has true value.
If you are interested in our roof cleaning services give us a call or email.


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Roof Cleaning Pewaukee WI.

Roof Cleaning Pewaukee WI

This is a roof that had black roof stains, light moss and lichens. The entire roof was cleaned with our low pressure cleaning process which removed the black algae stains and killed all other fungi on the roof.  The home owner was happy and so were we because the roof turned out excellent.

If you are interested in our low pressure roof cleaning feel free to give us a call for a free estimate.